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More About Our Professional Dog Training Services

Dog training

TED’s Dogs – Hoboken is a professional dog training company that has been providing many different services for our clients since we opened up for business. Our team has been working in the dog training industry in Hoboken, NJ along with surrounding locations for years. Continue reading for more.

What We Can Provide:

  • Behavioral Training — Every dog needs some sort of behavioral lesson at some point, let us do it for you. Teaching dogs how to behave is more of a modification to solve the issue that is present – after all, there is a reason they are acting this way. If they are barking, biting or possibly even digging – our team of professionals can help.

  • Basic Commands — Having your dog learn basic commands is important for their obedience. Things like “sit”, “watch me”, “down”, “come”, and more are crucial for them to know so that they can obey you.

  • Private Lessons — In order to get quality results from your dog’s training session, we offer private lessons where an instructor from our team in Hoboken, NJ will be able to teach them one-to-one. This way, there are no distractions from other people and dogs.

  • Dog Training — No matter how old your dog is, training is necessary sooner rather than later. Some dogs’ behavior changes over the years, which may require additional training as the years go on. Some don’t need it in the beginning at all, but once they reach a certain age, their character changes. TED’s Dogs – Hoboken can train your dog and ensure that they are familiar with proper behavior and commands.

  • Puppy Training — Training your puppy when they are young is usually the most effective way to do it. Their character and natural behavior are still developing, which means they can adapt the right way early on rather than change what they already know later.

If you are in need of our professional dog training services, give us a call today at (201) 256-1943 to set up an appointment!